Remember that time we went to Whistler?

One of my favourite getaway locations is Whistler and we usually go twice a year for a couple of nights. Generally one visit is with our kiddos and the other trip we try to do on our own. We recently did the latter and left the 3 oldest kids with grandparents. We knew we’d be limited to activity options with Dawson along and because Collin works from home full time we decided to make the trip a “work retreat”. We were really looking forward to it but things didn’t quite go as planned.

When we arrived we found out our room didn’t have a view as requested and was on the ground floor. All other 1 bedroom suites were unavailable. It was not ideal but we decided to stay in it anyways because we had arrived later than planned due to heavy snow fall on the way up! The initial key card that we were given didn’t work for the underground parking or our room and that night we really didn’t sleep very well because there was so much light coming in through the blinds!

The front desk said we’d have a forest view but when we woke up the next morning there were around a hundred skiers and snowboarders lined up just meters from our window! Oh and a restaurant. For some that may not have been a big deal but we don’t go to Whistler to ski. We go for quiet and serenity and a view and so I’ll admit to being a little disheartened.  I am so thankful that we called the front desk and that the staff helped get us into a room where we felt comfortable actually opening our windows!

Before we left, I had been excited about the thought of snuggling up in our suite, with snow falling (hopefully!) and getting to work on my own to-do’s while my love, a senior software engineer, typed away. I imagined cozy sweaters (like this new favourite long sleeved top from Pink Blush!) a hot coffee in my hand and Dawson sleeping soundly. My main goal was to be productive in a restful setting while we had the time away from our often rambunctious household. I thought it was a realistic expectation but Dawson had other plans as babies often do.

Though he was sleeping for longer stretches at night, those naps during the day were getting shorter and around the same time some early teething symptoms were starting so in short I truly got next to no focused writing time in while we were there! The snow fell, our fireplace was cozy as were my sweaters, boot socks and hot coffees and I got some lovely extra hours of sleep in our king sized bed but the work retreat I had imagined had to take a backseat to baby snuggles. And you know what? I didn’t really mind too much.


It was definitely a different trip for us this time. The drive home included my suddenly getting sick with a 24 hour flu plus my usual motion sickness and I’ll just leave out the details but it was a pretty awful drive! I’m getting sick just thinking about it so back to the positives…like the snow that fell for the first two days, baby snuggles, the soaker tub, our walks through the village holding hands and good meals at some of our favourite restaurants. I guess the main take away here is that there’s always something to be thankful for. Even when things don’t go as planned.


The above photos are necessary because we never even got to taking one selfie together! Collin gave me permission to share his cheesy model pose with you so I thought I’d go ahead and do that. This is a big deal you guys.
Until next time Whistler,





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