About Lynnelle





Lynnelle PinkBlush-78Hello!

I’m Lynnelle- a wife and blessed mama to 3 with one more babe on way. I feel thankful to have been a small shop owner for 6 years and now to be focused solely on blogging and raising our beautiful, busy kiddos with my husband of almost nine years!

A few of my favourite things: Sunny, crisp fall days, when my children make me laugh, cooking a great meal, good hair days, fresh flowers, a clean kitchen, creating in my studio, good conversations with friends over coffee, when my husband makes breakfast and old school jazz music.

I was a preschool teacher for 9 years before becoming a mother and have a passion for early childhood, thriving families and healthy marriages.  I’m excited to share what I’m up to in our kitchen, the every day activities around our home and to celebrate each day like the gift from God that it is. It’s been a dream for many years to have an outlet to share my motherhood journey, the beautiful moments and the difficult ones as well. My desire is to make this a place that’s beautiful, uplifting and honest. Where you can also share your heart and feel inspired.

Our journey so far in building our family has not been easy. We have walked the road of infertility and loss several times. Recently, in the Fall of 2016 we lost our tiny son River at almost 18 weeks along. It’s been a hard road but one I’m trying to share openly about because so many others have walked it as well.  I believe our mama hearts can heal more easily when we know we’re not alone.

Thank you for sharing in these little and big moments with us.
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